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Great Attraction for Health Tourism!

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Argentina Legislators View Medical Tourism as Worthy of Investment

It’s no coincidence that Argentina has so rapidly become a prominent fixture for those with an active medical tourism radar — it’s been an industry that has been subsidized to a certain extent by the local federal government. Legislators have recognized the industry as having great potential in regard to the generation of stable employment, and the influx of international currencies.

The Argentine Congress of International Medical tourism — the only government organization internationally that focuses on positioning medical tourism as an economic motor — agreed on a long-term plan that seeks to augment the popularity of medical tourism in Argentina through government incentives and subsidies. The government organization plans to achieve an annual revenue of US $300 million in the next year. (These numbers… we need to see in Billions )

The Minister of Tourism, Enrique Meyer, stressed the importance of situating medical tourism as a pillar of his office’s mission. “Globally there are about fifty-five million medical tourists a year who spend, on average, five to nine times more than an ordinary tourist in each of their trips, demonstrating the great potential that this segment can mean the tourism industry of our country,” Meyer said.

Meyer also stressed the importance of bringing together the private and the public sectors in order to strengthen medical tourism development in Argentina in different segments. “The completion of the Argentine Congress of International Medical Tourism puts demonstrates the commitment of all parties towards strengthening growth and the consolidation of one of the products of great potential for our country,” Meyer commented.

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