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About Us

Our core values are honesty, competency and consistency; originating from our philosophy that the best business is repeat business. This underlines everything that we do. We know your business is unique and we take pride in fully understanding our clients’ objectives and transactions, ensuring we always provide the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your business needs.

Iseetrust/Iseetrade Investments is creative, solution-oriented, and known for being the most flexible Funding Source on the Market in creating handcrafted investment structures to meet the needs of the different constituent groups in each individual transaction.

Our Vision:

  • To be the leading global Financial business firm, delivering quality, value-added services to our clients, globally and locally.

 What does the vision mean for Iseetrust | Iseetrade | Funding | Investments?

We base our business on long-term relationships with our clients and strive to deliver added value on a sustained basis.

  • We acquire deep knowledge and understanding of our clients’ businesses and the sectors in which they operate.
  • We pursue excellence and seek to innovate in everything we do.
  • We have the geographic coverage that allows us to help our clients where they do business.
  • We take on work only if we can add real value to our clients.
  • We will not do everything for everyone.
  • Our global strength and vision will be founded upon the strength and stature of our local and regional practices and relationships, and we will respect and nurture our local cultures and diversity.
  • We are an employer of choice.

Our Values:

  • We connect our people, our clients and our communities through living the values of our firm.

our clients:

  • We believe client interests are at the very heart of our business, and we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do for them.
  • We believe in long-term relationships with our clients based on openness and honesty.
  • We respect and meet our obligations as professionals.

Our People:

  • We value diversity and respect for the individual.
  • We believe in teamwork for the good of the firm and our clients.
  • We believe in the development of all our people and reward achievement fairly.


our communities:

  • We believe in active participation in the wider community as individuals and as a firm.

An individual should not let the negative behaviour of others define him or her and limit expectations of what can be achieved.



Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is our Commitment to You.

Our word is our Bond.

Recent events have raised the level of ethics awareness and concern all around the world. Companies with deficient corporate ethics are being held accountable.

Ethics is an area that needs to be addressed by all businesses.

Ethics policies and procedures need to be clear and all people in the organization need to understand them.

Ethical issues need to be dealt with promptly and properly, for us and with any company we advise or invest in.

In performing our task we will:

Maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct in our dealings with clients and our investors. Conduct all business dealings with fairness, honesty and integrity.

Maintain loyalty to our investors and to a client who hires us, that we will pursue their objectives in ways that are consistent with their best interests and legal obligations.

Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information entrusted to us by our clients and their employees. Protect from loss, theft, and misuse all information and resources available to us.

Always communicate with our investors and our clients in a truthful and accurate manner.

Serve as a reliable source of information on matters pertaining to business advice and consulting. Encourage and promote the highest level of ethical and professional conduct within our organization.

Recognize and engage our responsibility to uphold all laws and regulations governing the policies and activities of our profession.

Avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest or any other impropriety. Treat fellow employees fairly, with dignity and respect.

Promote and reward company personnel for their special responsibilities, contributions, and sacrifices; to promote a sense of mutual trust and shared responsibility.

Provide professional services to all qualified candidates regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, income level or physical handicap.

Respect the rights and interests of our competitors.

Help create and sustain an atmosphere conducive to the spirit of this code.